Productivity & Collaboration Services

What if your teams could work as if they were together in the same room--even if they lived in different cities?

How do you create a productive and collaborative workplace?

We take you through our step-by-step approach to help your company focus on the true drivers of change:
preparation, tool adoption, and outcome measurement.

Thinkwise Improved Employee Productivity at IMC

"Thinkwise helped our teams get more out of the tools they were already using. Not only are they better able to collaborate using integrated apps, but they now have the skills to continuously improve how they work together.”

Stuart Sherman, CEO of IMC

The Process


Step 1: Prepare for Change

We first assess the people, processes & technology that drive your company. Then we provide you with a customized strategy and software toolset to maximize your company's productivity.


Step 2: Migrate and Adopt

After selecting your productivity toolset, we then migrate and onboard your users. Part of user onboarding involves user adoption training, which is a program designed to help you get the most out of your new tools.


Step 3: Measure and Support

We track the usage and performance of your new tools and processes to help you derive the most value from them and optimize your organization's productivity. We also provide technical support for your users to ensure issues are resolved quickly and they can get back to getting their work done.



The Benefits For You & Your Team

Anytime, Anywhere.
Work, Collaborate, Chat.

Take Your Business to a New Level of Productivity

  • Get the tools you need - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • Access email, documents, contacts & calendars anytime, anywhere
  • Work on any device, including PCs, Macintosh, smartphones
  • Eliminate problems with software versions & updates 
  • Email, Collaboration, and Online Meeting Solutions
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Enterprise-grade IT
without the enterprise-size price tag

Growth Enabled

  • Scale your IT without the need of a dedicated team
  • Keep your business safe from malware & ransomware attacks
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Your data is always backed up
  • 99.9% service availability guarantees your work is always available