7 Work Productivity Killers You Need to Improve Today [infographic]

As a business leader, the word "productivity" can make you feel both energized and stressed. The flow of information on productivity and new productivity tools is never-ending. Because most advice on productivity is additive (ie. "add this new tool to your productivity arsenal"), we started to ask ourselves "what are the things should we be doing less of?"

The following infographic will walk you through the top 7 factors that are killing the productivity of your team. Take note of any areas you may be overlooking to boost your output today.



As you can see there are a number of simple ways to improve your productivity without adding new tools or steps to your existing processes.

Now, if you want to improve your productivity even further, your next step will be to automate repetitive tasks that you perform day-to-day. You can achieve this with a few clicks, and without any programming knowledge, thanks to tools such as IFTTT, Zapier and Microsoft Flow.