How to easily find the file you need in Office 365

It seems that no matter how well you organize folders and files in your company's document management system or file tree, things eventually "get lost". It's easy to forget where you saved that file that you last worked on two weeks ago, let alone trying to find a file that someone else saved. Finding the information you need can be a real point of frustration at the office--so wouldn't it be great if you could just perform a keyword search to find what you were looking for? Enter Delve: Office 365's answer to helping you find documents and content that are relevant to you and your job.

A Powerful Search Engine for your Company's Information

Use Delve's search feature to find documents, tasks, contacts, events, web pages or SharePoint sites. Delve searches both OneDrive and SharePoint and will list search results for items that you have permission to access. Because you won’t always know how someone has named a particular document, Delve searches for keywords inside of a document.