Cloud Subscriptions

The Easiest Way To Move Your Company to The Cloud

Today, it's easy enough to set up a public cloud account like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or IBM Bluemix and spin up some compute power in minutes. Where things can become challenging is knowing the nuances of each service and securely integrating them with your current IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, as your cloud portfolio grows, it can become cumbersome to manage and optimize. We help to manage the complexity of cloud service selection, migration, and implementation, as well as centralize contracts and billing so that you can focus your efforts on improving your business's competitive advantage.


Enterprise Cloud Strategy Without the Headaches

"We were under tight timelines to deliver a comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Strategy in support of our corporate strategic plan...Thinkwise gave us peace of mind that we were moving the strategy forward in the right direction."

-- Senior Manager, Infrastructure Operations, Financial Services --


Data Protection

Embrace peace of mind

Whether caused by human error, ransomware attacks, or system outages, data loss happens more often than most people think. Today's backup and recovery tools offer such advanced feature sets that businesses no longer need to think of system restoration in terms of hours or days – they can think in minutes or seconds instead – for all applications, data, and workloads.


Managed Security

24/7 Ransomware Protection 

Thinkwise provides a comprehensive suite of Security Operations Centre (SOC) services to help keep your network and applications are safe from cybercrime, hacking, and espionage. These services include the assessment and monitoring of all security information, as well as our security service desk, which is staffed with highly experienced security engineers who quickly resolve issues.


Automated IT Operations

IT That Works. Always.

IT Operations Automation brings efficiency, consistent configurations, rapid provisioning, elastic scaling, and supports cost savings.  Along with these services, we also provide lifecycle management for cloud and hybrid workloads.